The imaginary village of the lambs

The experience ”The imaginary village of the lambs” allows you to stroll around and inside Borgagne, a village with a pastoral-agricultural past. We will visit its places – “masserie”, ancient farms – and the surroundings countryside where we will observe different examples of the Mediterranean scrub, self-seeded typical vegetation.
We will focus in particular on what there is, but also on what there is no more: we will try to imagine what the people who stepped on this earth saw, smelled and breathed hundreds of years ago.

Where shall we go?

We will explore the area of ​​Borgagne with its rural hinterland: we will meet in Piazza Risorgimento, from here we will first walk the ancient path “Pasulo” during which we will encounter two ancient farms, then we will cross the village where we will enjoy a break in Piazza Sant ‘Antonio, one of the most particular squares of Salento and finally we will arrive at a knoll where we will find a fantastic piece of land that we call “Su li Kaliani” : the driving force and the inspiration of this project. From there we will take the road back.

How long will the walk last?

The walk will last about two and a half hours; obviously time could expand according to the spontaneous encounters that could follow during the experience.

When it can be performed?

This experience can be performed all year long. At the moment of the booking we could decide which time of the day develop it because every season has its own best moments, particularly linked to the hours of light/dark and to the temperatures. After the walk, by advance reservation only, it’s possible to enjoy a meal to our Home RestaurantLe stanze della stupidità“.



Everyone can enjoy this walk: from children to the elderly, anyone who wants to explore some unconventional aspects of this territory is welcome to the imaginary village of lambs!
It only takes comfortable shoes and a great desire to discover something new or old or simply simple.


The participants of this walk can be from a minimum of one to a maximum of four people. We prefer address the experience to few people so we could focus more easily on what we will encounter and maybe share opinions during the time spent together.

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