From Sant’Andrea to Frassanito beach

The experience “Walking from S.Andrea to Frassanito” is an excursion of about 7 km (round trip) to discover one of the most fascinating stretches of the Salento coast, namely the path that connects the marina of Torre Sant’Andrea at Frassanito beach. This experience consists of a small tour where you can appreciate and observe not only the beauty of the splendid sea view, but also the self-seeded vegetation that grows in the surroundings of this area.


€ 20 /per person

Included in the experience

Description of the places visited with possibility of translation in English or French

Where shall we go?

We will meet in Borgagne (you will know the address at the time of the booking) from here we will drive to Torre Sant’Andrea, starting point of our hike. Once the car is parked, we will start the walk passing through a stretch of cliff where we could admire some examples of sea stacks.

Then we will find different picturesque coves such as “Punticeddha“, “Specchiulla” and some delightful small beaches such as “La conchiglia“, from here we will continue to the San Giorgio beach, where we could observe some coastal dunes and finally we will arrive at Frassanito beach, where we will stop for a picnic before taking the road back.

How long will the walk last?

The walk will last about two hours and a half. Obviously time could expand according to the spontaneous encounters that could follow during the experience.

When it can be performed?

This experience can be performed all year long. At the moment of the booking we could decide which time of the day develop it because every season has its own best moments, particularly linked to the hours of light/dark and to the temperatures; after that you could visit the artistic home “Le stanze della stupidità“* and, eventually tasting our artisanal products.



Almost anyone could take part of this excursion because the path to follow is quite easy. However, we do not recommend it to very young children or people with walking difficulties.


To enjoy this hike is better to wear comfortable clothes and trekking shoes.


The participants of this walk can be from a minimum of two to a maximum of four people. We prefer address the experience to few people so we could focus more easily on what we will encounter and maybe share opinions during the time spent together.

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